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Chapter 7 in 24 offers cost-effective bankruptcy petition preparation for attorneys by eliminating the typical overhead costs and time involved with full time staff members. You benefit by paying a flat fee for each service on an as-needed basis.

The process is simple, we conduct the initial consultation, we complete the client questionnaire during the consultation with your client and we provide your client with all required documents. Once we complete the questionnaire and package the petition, Chapter 7 in 24 will will:

1) Follow up with your clients to obtain missing information.

2) Inform you of possible problems before the petition is filed such as un-exempted property, etc.

3) Obtain Kelly Blue Book values for automobiles.

4) Prepare the Means Test calculations.

5) Prepare any additional forms as requested such as Suggestion of Bankruptcy, etc.

6) Email you once the petition has been uploaded onto your portal for your review and for you to download or print. (After your review we will make changes and corrections if necessary).

Fee Schedule

$349 – Chapter 7 Petition (50 creditors or less)

$399 – Chapter 7 Petition (more than 50 creditors)

$50 – Monthly recalculation of expired Means Test figures

$25 – Additional documents, Motions, etc.

Chapter 7 in 24 will also prepare a customized plan of action that best fits your needs.

$349 – Chapter 13 Petition (50 creditors or less)

$399 – Chapter 13 Petition (more than 50 creditors)